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    Photography & Videography

    I am Director of Photography

    “Blind Person” is out on YouTube!!

    When i’m not busy in the wedding season I love working in different projects, getting out of my comfort zone and pushing hard to increase my skills as cinematographer with tricky camera movements, cinematic framing and dealing with lights in different conditions (not easy at all!).

    This is also a good training for me to get better quality filming weddings, because the quality is never enough for me and clients deserve the best.

    Glad to see the final result of the short film directed by Krstover Luaay with Robert Lewis Tyler and Dani Sabah and me as camera operator and director of photography. Thank you also at rest of the crew:

    First camera assistant: Natalya Martinez

    Boom operator: Raye McCoy

    Make up artist: Zeina Tovey

    Edited by: Elisa Fuentes

    Color grading by: Frank Farooq

    Composer and Voice Engineering: Christopher A. Mueller

    Production assistant: Khalid Salih

    Search IQB productions on you tube or clic below to watch the film.

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