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    Photography & Videography

    When the audio is a game changer on your Wedding!

    Making a great wedding video is really challenging for a videographer, because in just 7 -8 minutes video the entire wedding day of a couple in love must be squeezed and tell a lovely story through cinematic shots, storytelling, killer video edit, perfect knowledge of the timeline (that’s why the wedding coordinator is the most important person who can deliver a smooth wedding) and a perfect knowledge of cameras, lighting and sound. Not many people knows how the sound can affect the quality in a video, an example? Can you imagine a movie without voices and special sound effect and just music for the entire movie? Yes, emotions and interest will drop down deeply! Because our hears and eyes must work together to enhance our perception of what we are watching and that is a game changer.

    Here’s below 2 little video I recorded in one of my recent weddings in Temecula – California, showing how a professional audio recorded can make the difference and why hiring a skilled videographer create the magic!

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