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    Why Funnel Wedding Companies May Not Be The Best Options for Couples

    Planning a wedding is a beautiful experience, but it can also be a costly one. As a result, many couples may be tempted to cut costs wherever possible, including choosing a funnel wedding company. But beware – choosing a funnel company may funnel your hard-earned money down the drain!

    Firstly, these companies often use deceptive marketing tactics to attract couples with low prices, but the actual cost is often much higher than advertised. Don’t fall for their tricks – always read the fine print!

    Moreover, couples who choose a funnel company may not even know who their photographer or videographer is until the day of the wedding. Talk about a blind date! Trust us, it’s better to get to know the people behind the business before you commit.

    And let’s not forget that these companies often hire inexperienced photographers and videographers who accept peanuts as payment. Not only does this put the couple at risk, but it also means you may end up with less-than-stellar photos and videos that leave you wanting more.

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    (Mastering the art of directing a couple on their big day takes skill and experience that not every wedding vendor can offer)

    So what’s the alternative? Consider a small studio that charges the right price! These businesses are more likely to provide personalized attention to each couple, tailoring their film and photos to be cherished for life. Plus, with a core team consisting of a husband and wife, you can trust that they’re personally invested in each wedding and will take the time to understand your vision.

    The best pro tip we could give to couples is to hire a wedding planner or month-of coordination that will guide them to pick the best wedding vendors. These professionals have experience working with a variety of vendors, and they can help you navigate the confusing world of wedding planning. With their guidance, you can rest assured that you’re hiring quality vendors who will make your day unforgettable.

    In the end, remember that price isn’t everything – quality matters too! Don’t let a funnel wedding company take the joy out of your special day. Trust us, you deserve better!

    TM Media - Video & Images

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