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    Photography & Videography

    Riding bikes…my endless passion

    It’s not a secret my huge passion for bikes and nature, in-fact since 1996 I keep my legs spinning with Mountain bikes riding in the best trails of the planet taking connection with an huge international Mountain bike community that make my life full of good memories, happiness and amazing humans during my MTB career.

    Photography is taking a big part of my life at this time and I’m really happy for that, but when I’m not too busy shooting models, grooms and brides and people in love, I grab my bike and meet my friend from Dunbar cycles in the nortshore for a a few laps enjoying every second with them.

    Should Tiziano leave his camera at home and be focused just on riding his bike? Of course not! My camera is always with me and a few days ago I got some cool shots for my friends and we had a really good time! ?

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