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    Photography & Videography

    New year New look

    Here we are!!!

    Life is running fast, everything is always changing around us and there’s no time to waste, many things have happened and many things will happen…especially when my brain never stops running and I desire to change my dream into reality. How? Simply, to work full time in photography, giving a kick in the ass to my previous career (which has been awesome but I’m done with that!) and following what I strongly love now.  I‘m really happy today to show everone my new website as a photographer after many sleepless nights! It has a new look, new graphics, new pictures, new energy and a new step forward after 4 years since my first website which is getting a new life today.   I’m so happy and proud to share my work, my projects, and my images that will be in constant evolution.

    Tiziano Mammana

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